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The Intensive English program offers classes from Beginning to Advanced Levels focusing on three subjects: Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing, and Grammar. Each class is taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

In addition, this program also includes Living Language Lab activities each term to maximize students’ learning opportunities so they can use English in the real world.

Examples of Living Language Lab are sightseeing trips, entertainment, and volunteer activities. A new session starts every four weeks, so you can register any time of the year.

Current Schedule of Intensive English Classes

We offer as convenient of classes as possible. The levels of classes scheduled reflect our current students’ needs and the anticipated requirements of new students. We may also offer a semi-private class or private lessons for any level of intensive English. .

Classes are from
Morning: 9:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday
Evening:: 6:30 to 11:30pm Monday through Thursday (Hybrid is not being offered for evening classes)

Why you should enroll in our English Classes

ELCI Salt Lake City
is your best choice for learning English in Salt Lake City. We are SLC’s Premier Language School:

  1. The Best Value–Tuition prices for English  courses are kept low, but not at the sacrifice of high quality English teachers, facilities and staff attention.
  2. The Best Teachers–We carefully select our English teachers and attract the best teachers with very competitive compensation. Our teachers care about their students and create a dynamic, supportive environment which is most conducive to learning.
  3. The Best Location–We are located in the heart of the Salt Lake City, within walking distance of superb dining and shopping, easy access to public transportation.
  4. The Best Experience–Experienced, caring teachers, textbooks, intimate classes, attentive staff, a new facility, and convenient location are some of the tangibles that make this the best experience